Episode 58: Whiskey Here, Whiskey There…Whiskey Everywhere!!!

In this awesome episode of Wheeling,Wine and Whiskey, Chris and Jason sample and talk about 6 different whiskeys. They were provided with a sampler pack and Chris’ oldest son gave him a nice bottle of Japanese Whiskey for Father’s Day. Some off-roading talk and tech are also discussed.

Chris talks about using his MorrFlate on his Jeep and trailer during the last 2 outings and his impressions of the system. Jason goes into great detail on his use of the Morrflate in a comparison between airing up and down with it against the Monstervalves that he has on the CJ-5.

The Morrflate is a fantastic addition to your off-road equipment load out and we recommend it. For more information on the Morrflate go to the companies website. http://www.myoffroadradio.com

Hope all you Fathers out there had a great weekend!

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