WWW Bonus Episode: BlueRibbon Coalition’s Call For Help!!!

We have a special bonus episode for you today. This is a call to arms/call for help from the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) to help prevent the closure of hundreds of miles of OHV trails in Moab, Utah. Joining the show are Chelsey and Ben with BRC and they help educate us and our listeners on the current threat to our hobby. This is a very real and very well funded group that is attempting to close long time OHV areas in and around Moab. These trails are all mixed use and are utilized by all form of motorized off-highway and capable street legal vehicles alike. These treasures are going to be taken away from us if we don’t rise to let our voices be heard in opposition to these environmental groups. This episode is very educational and we hope that you, our valued listeners, add your voices to help keep these areas open to OHV recreation!

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