Episode 131: 2021 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza! Part 2

The holidays are getting near faithful podcast listeners! To keep with the theme of the upcoming holiday season and shopping season, we got 3 of the best off-road podcasts together in one studio to record our annual holiday gift guide. It is a 3-part extravaganza starting with SnailTrail4x4 taking the lead with the first part, Wheeling Wine and Whiskey pick up the middle episode and Cruisin 2 Camp running drag for this crazy trail ride! The picks start out pretty tame and affordable and we wrap up with the unlimited price is no object fantasy dream picks. You don’t want to miss this and try to get your significant other to listen also for some great ideas.

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Dirtbag Clothing

Ultra4 Racing

Old Elk Bourbon

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Music provided by Vial 8