Episode 126: Kevin and Katelynn, A Father/Daughter W.E. Rock Team @ Trail Hero!

In this episode, Jason and Amber meet up with Kevin and Katelynn, the phenom W.E. Rock team. Kevin, Katelynn’s father, is the spotter of this team while 14 year old Katelynn handles the driving duties while on the trail. Lots of you probably saw them for the first time when Katelynn, during a competition, rolled off of a 30 foot cliff. I believe the video of the incident went viral on Instagram! Fortunately the Jeep XJ, that was their competition rig, had a stout exo-cage that protected her during the roll over. She walked away and was excited by the thrill ride. Hear the whole story on how they got started, how she ended up behind the wheel to become a very accomplished off-road wheeler and competitor all here on Wheeling, Wine and Whiskey!
Grab your favorite soft drink and enjoy!

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