Episode 125: Hollie Fowler and Mischief Maker @ Trail Hero!

Jason is at Trail Hero and is having the time of his life. He is making new connections everyday and in this episode he, and stand-in co-host Amber Turner, catch up with the Instagrammer and Youtuber Hollie Fowler. She is the driver and owner of the giant Jeep JKU named Mischief Maker. The deep dive into everything that is Hollie starts with how she got into wheeling, what she did before wheeling and it just goes from there. She even grants a special request from Jason near the end of the episode, so listen all the way through!

IG Handles:

Hollie Fowler is @mischiefmakerjku

Amber Turner is @daburrs

Call us and leave a voice mail @ (408) 800-5169

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