Ep. 212: Tragedy at Moonrocks

The off-road community suffered a big loss recently with the passing of Jason Klein and Neil Flanders in a terrible accident while wheeling at Moonrocks. The shock and pain of their passing being experienced by their loved ones must be unimaginable. Our deepest condolences go out to their families as they suffer through this tragic loss.

We are sure that many of you heard about the accident on social media. Social media does a great job of rapidly disseminating information, whether it is good or bad, out to the groups that share a common interest. As is known to happen, sometimes the information gets twisted or lost in translation or has been hearsay and changed so many times that the truth gets lost. A dear friend of the two men that died reached out to WWW on behalf of their families to clear the air and get the correct facts about what happened. It was, is, a great tragedy and from this we can all learn something from it.
Please listen to this somber episode as we hear the facts about what happened and how we can all become better prepared off-roaders with lessons learned.
Their families have set up GoFundMe pages to help with expenses. The links are below, so please consider donating to help the families out.

Rest in Peace, Jason and Neil!

Jason Klein gofundme

Neil Flanders gofundme

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