Ep. 167: Awesome Charlene Bower-The Queen of Johnson Valley’s Backdoor!

In this weeks exciting episode, Jason is at Rubicon Springs for the 70th Annual Jeepers Jamboree. Believe it or not, he wasn’t there to wheel, he was there as a volunteer on the food crew. Yes, that is right, he was helping to prepare, cook and serve thousands of meals throughout the long weekend. However, it wasn’t all kitchen work for Jason. He still managed to have tons of fun and met with lots of new and old friends alike. He was fortunate enough to meet up with an icon in the off-roading community and had the chance to turn on the recorder with none other than Charlene Bower! She is a legend and widely known in the off-road world. She is the founder and owner of the Ladies Offroad Network and past winner of the Rebelle Rally, a race that you must be a woman to compete in. Hear her story now on Wheeling Wine and Whiskey! Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! Cheers!

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