Ep. 163: Glacier Girl Recovery with Nick Bailey of Avalanche Technical

Wow, so much information in this incredible episode! Chris and Jason dial in Nick Bailey of Avalanche Technical to give us the first hand recount of the rescue of a stranded Jeep Cherokee. We know that the recovery happened 5 years ago, but the story is still incredible and there are valuable learning moments here. As we have mentioned on the show over and over the weather in the high sierra is nothing to take lightly and even the most experienced and equipped people can be caught off guard and in trouble. Lots to learn here and everyone should know who Nick is in case they need to be recovered…snow or shine!
Some of the equipment that he operates includes a Toyota 4Runner (we know), Kawasaki ATV, he has a Can-Am SxS and various other tracked and wheeled vehicles to aid in back country recoveries. There will be more of these types of episodes in the future because we know the popularity of the sport has really taken off and sometimes people bite off more than they can chew.
Grab your favorite beverage and hold on!

Instagram for Nick is @avalanchetechnical


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